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KV2 Creates a Buzz with the UK’s Honey Bee’s



On February 18th and 19th 2016 KV2 Audio were delighted to be involved in a unique, immersive and intriguing live event at Nottingham Arts Theatre.

It is not often that any venue can boast 40,000+ performers in a live multi-sensory experience - let alone the welcoming and intimate Nottingham Arts Theatre - but the two sold-out “Be Play One” shows saw just that.

“One” is the soundscape from the UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015, which sought to highlight the importance of the UK’s honey bee in our food chain and plight as a species.

At the production 12 musicians were augmented by live-streamed signals from Brackenhurst, Nottinghamshire – where the sound of a 40,000+ strong Honey Bee hive was instrumental to the sonic experience delivered to the audience via a fully immersive 15:2 surround sound system made up of KV2 Audio products.

Following listening tests undertaken at Hoare Lea’s London offices, Sound Design Consultant Mike Bedford decided that KV2 Audio’s EX10 and EX12 full range loudspeakers would offer the clarity and detail required for such a task but also the energy required to deliver the atmosphere of the live performance.

The EX loudspeakers were further enhanced by a pair of the newly released active VHD4.21 2x21” subwoofers.

Boasting revolutionary constant power amplifier technology that runs at close to 100% efficiency, the VHD4.21 can power an additional passive VHD4.21 and deliver an astonishing 14,000Watts of power from just a standard wall socket.

The VHD4.21’s were vital in delivering the sub bass created by both track and Indian Drone Box played by Award Winning Artist and creative mind behind the project – Wolfgang Buttress.

The 12 strong multi-instrumentalist ensemble featured a variety of instruments including vocals by Wolfgang’s daughter Camille, a 3-strong choir, Cello, Violin, Piano, Melodica, Guitars, Fender Rhodes, Violin, Percussion, Auto harp, Harmonica, Tibetan Singing Bowl and the aforementioned Indian Drove Box.

Such an eclectic mix of amplified and acoustic instruments needed a system that could critically deliver every nuance of each instrument – another key reason for KV2’s involvement in the project.

The band and the bee’s audio was distributed around the auditorium by TiMax’s Soundhub2 and operated by Out Board Director Robin Whitaker. Robin undertook the role of Technical Producer/Programmer for the project having also been vital in the original Milan Expo 2015 installation.

In addition to the main 15:2 system KV2 Audio’s recently released ultra compact ESD5’s – passive 2-way low profile 5” loudspeakers – were used throughout the main entrance playing a series of outdoor soundscapes to further heighten audience anticipation.

The flowing hour-long continuous performance using recurring musical themes was a huge success. It is rare that your see a sold out audience in such complete silence - genuinely immersed in both audio and visual amazement at what was on offer.

After each show the hall remained “a hive of excitement” for over an hour as Wolfgang and his band were congratulated by the audience for such a spectacle. KV2 and TiMax also had a number of attendees make a point of visiting the sound desk to complement the quality of the audio.

Robin Whitaker commented “The EX10’s and EX12’s delivered exactly what was required. They sound open and natural, reproducing the content without losing any definition or clarity.

Wolfgang himself raved “The musicians, the audience and I were all amazed, thrilled and transported with the quality and immersive nature of the sound.”

Following the success of the event and the accompanying album there are many more events in the planning and KV2 look forward to their continued involvement with the project.


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