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KV2 provided sound for the 59th AES Conference in Montreal


From Left to Right, George Massenburg, Dave Croxton and Richard King
ESR215s flown in Mc Gill Theatre for Conference
2ESM 26s driven by ESP2000s amp used on stage for monitoring
George Massenburg mixes the closing concert on  ESR215

A KV2 Audio ESR215 system was used at the recent AES Conference on Sound Reinforcement held at McGill University in Montreal.

Just two ESR215's were used for the event providing crystal clear reproduction of the speeches and discussions at McGills Theatre facility. Prior to the closing ceremonies a concert was held with a band of brilliant local jazz musicians and mixed by the legendary George Massenburg who is a Professor at the Music Research Division of McGill University. George commented: "We simply don't realise what we are missing until we hear a system of this quality". Six ESM26 stage monitors driven by ESP2000 amplifiers were used on for foldback by the band.

Numerous other accolades were received for the systems clarity through out the conference and in his closing remarks. "This is the best sound we have had at an AES Conference in the last 25 years!", adds Peter Mapp, AES Chairman. 


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