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PA Sound Systems choose KV2 – Elgin, Scotland



PA Sound Systems in Elgin, Scotland have become the latest in a long line of companies to realise how quickly and easily KV2 Audio products can take their hire offerings to the next level.

Run by brothers Jamie and Ryan, PA Sound Systems ventured to Plasa Focus, Glasgow to start looking at which route to take their hire business whilst also looking for new audio solutions for installation projects.

The Anderson brothers pick up the story.

“We were first made aware of KV2 Audio products at Plasa Focus in Glasgow. We had a chat with representatives of KV2 and left the show with brochures and the offer of a full demonstration, which we were really keen to follow up. Just a few weeks after the show KV2 made the long journey up to see us in Elgin with a selection of equipment. We were looking for a scalable, versatile system that we could add to our hire stock that would cover all sorts of events and – most importantly – we wanted the best possible sonic and build quality. KV2 suggested evaluating products from the EX and ES ranges and before we even listened to the products the first thing that struck us was how quickly KV2’s True Point Source products were unloaded out of the van and ready to use! There was no sales pitch as such, there was really no need… From the compact EX6’s as a starting point through to the complete ES System the sound was nothing short of astounding. The EX6’s filled the large function suite easily with beautifully detailed, crystal clear audio and an unbelievable amount of low end for such a small box – we had to actually question whether the subs were running. From there the sound remained stunning as we moved through the ranges with the character of each box consistent as the boxes got bigger, tackling each and every genre of music thrown at them.”

Following the demonstration Jamie and Ryan decided to take delivery of a complete ES System and a subsequent purchase of EX12’s has seen them tackle numerous events of varied style and size with a small number of compact products. These events have further cemented their faith in KV2’s unique approach to loudspeaker design.

“It’s little surprise that KV2 are held in increasingly high regard in the world of Pro Audio, blowing away leading competitors when A-B’d! The specially designed components and amplifiers working in perfect harmony to get the best in high definition sound from comparatively small units, in-turn reducing power consumption, transportation and installation costs means it’s also little surprise that we could see the benefits and varied applications where we can use KV2 throughout our business. We look forward to what we hope is a long and mutually beneficial partnership with KV2 Audio and are just as excited to let our customers experience KV2 for themselves.”


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