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Sonipro elevates the General Assembly of Uruguay with KV2


Montevideo, Uruguay – The Legislative Palace in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo is an imposing Greco-Roman style building constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. It is home to the General Assembly - the legislative branch of the government of Uruguay – which consists of the House of Senators and the House of Representatives. Pro audio specialists Sonipro – also based in Montevideo won the tender to design, supply and install a new audio system in the Chamber of Sessions of the House of Representatives. Sonipro opted for a sleek KV2 Audio system supported by a PreSonus digital mixing console.

The biggest challenge was achieving the superior sound quality and intelligibility required by the project without impinging on the aesthetic of the room,” recalls Sonipro director, Victor Barsamian. “We weren’t allowed to change any of the hanging points as we were working in a listed building and the installation needed to remain as discreet as possible. KV2 was an obvious choice for me given the premium sound quality of the brand – and I chose the ESD36 for its very high performance, especially in the vocal range, and for its elegant and unobtrusive aesthetic.”

Barsamian opted for four ESD36 full-range, three-way loudspeaker systems from KV2 powered by KV2’s ESP2000D amplifier which may be configured either via the front panel or remotely using KV2’s Control & Diagnostics Tool. A PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32SC digital mixer and a stagebox completed the upgrade for the Chamber of Representatives. Sonipro added a second mixer and a smaller stagebox for the parliamentary television channel to ensure the same quality and performance.

Initially the specification was for six loudspeakers, but the quality, detail and coverage achieved by only four ESD36s already far exceeded their expectations,” notes Barsamian. “We achieved smooth, homogenous sound throughout the auditorium despite it being a venue with difficult acoustic characteristics due to the high domed ceiling, marble facades and generally cavernous nature of the room. They couldn’t believe that we were able to achieve such high-quality sound and uniform coverage with just four boxes! Everyone is thrilled with the results.

Head of AV at the Chamber of Representatives, Oscar Suárez, is in full agreement: “From the very first tests during the installation, I was able to appreciate the high performance and sound quality obtained with the new equipment,” he says. “Once the installation and EQ adjustments were complete, the clarity and brightness of the sound at every point in the room was immediately apparent. The new system easily fulfilled the predictions of the acoustic simulation. I’d also like to highlight the professionalism with which the Sonipro technicians replaced the existing equipment and the particular care taken to maintain the aesthetics of the venue with the new installation.



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