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Supermarket Club Zürich

First opened in 1998 in what was then an industrial wasteland in Zürich West, the Supermarket was a true pioneer in the Swiss party scene. Thanks to the efforts and influence of the Supermarket, the area has developed into one of the most exciting hotbeds of electronic music in Europe.

Partygoers are attracted by a heady mix of Zürich underground music, a strong roster of international DJs and a superlative KV2 sound system designed and specified by Plusmusic AG Switzerland with assembly and installation by Piso AG.

Supermarket owner Sandro Bohnenblust made two important decisions early on: the first was to strive to operate in an international context by forming strong bonds with DJ and club artists from around the world. The second – to enable the first – was to offer an attractive performance platform, and that meant a world-beating audio system.

As an amateur musician and pianist, I was always looking for the most natural source reproduction for any application – club, studio or even home entertainment. KV2’s Super Live Audio technology fulfils all my requirements for the highest resolution and dynamics with the lowest possible distortion,” says Sandro Bohnenblust, owner of the club.

The configuration for Supermarket is based on a classic 4.1 system for the dance floor with four SL412 wide dispersion mid-hi boxes supplemented by six VHD2.18J double 18” subs plus a further two ESR212 downfills for the front row. Furthermore, Sandro has taken the trouble to ensure full acoustic treatment for the club to dampen vibrations and absorb reflections. The results are stunning.

Download case study of Supermarket (pdf)

With a fully acoustically treated club, we can really hear the difference between KV2’s SLA technology and mainstream digital audio systems. KV2 feels like a precise Swiss watch when it comes to the aesthetics of sound. Other systems simply don’t reproduce the same level of detail,” says Sandro.

The Supermarket club continues to be successful thanks to owner, Sandro Bohnenblust’s pioneering approach to both business and music. His policy of working almost exclusively with external organisers and promoters keeps his events fresh, and his investment in a top-notch, highly specc’d KV2 audio system guarantees uncompromised quality.

After 20 years of running an electronic music club and comparing it to the best music clubs in the world, I am pretty sure that no other brand can compete with the quality of KV2 systems today. In terms of clarity, precision and the totally transparent reproduction of the sound source, KV2 is unbeatable,” adds Sandro.

Main system:

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