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Have you heard the KV2 difference?



These guys have…. John Shivers, Bobby Aitken, Andreas Hammerich, and Richard Brooker are renowned, in some cases award-winning sound designers, and all willing to testify to the KV2 difference. We’d like to invite you to come and hear it for yourself.

We’ll be demonstrating three different systems at NAMM, starting with our newest and most ‘bijou’ loudspeaker, the ESD Cube. The dimensions of this diminutive system completely belie its performance, especially when partnered with a sub. We guarantee you’ll be blown away by the power and quality of this tiny and extremely versatile loudspeaker.

From there we’ll step up to the highly successful EX Series that is much beloved of theatre sound designers. We’ll be highlighting two models in particular, the EX15 which introduces a 3-way design to the range, and the truly unique, wide dispersion EX26 that excels in applications requiring superb vocal intelligibility and high quality musical reproduction. Both of these models will be paired with appropriate subs and amplifiers from the KV2 range.

Finally, get ready to hang onto your hats as we present one of our best-known systems, the fully modular and completely scalable ES Series.  We’ll be showing you the ES1.0 accompanied by double ES2.6 subs powered by EPAK2500R amplifiers. If you’ve not heard it before (and even if you have) you’ll be amazed at the intense output from this modestly-sized system. Fewer speakers, compact dimensions, and reduced transport and labour costs quickly adds up to a much greater ROI than traditional system.

Come and hear the KV2 difference for yourself.

Jan 16-19 2020, Anaheim, CA
ACC2, booth #17221



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