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KV2 K-Rigged at i-Kandy


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The i-Kandy nightclub at Le Meridian hotel in Gurgaon was recently in need of an upgrade for its indoor sound system. Having installed the sound system around the club’s outdoor poolside area a couple of years ago and offering a KV2 solution in the form of a K-Rig system, systems integrator AG Acoustics India Pvt Ltd was awarded the project.

On a lot of occasions KV2 had been used in the venue on hire for various gigs and DJ sets, so they were already quite familiar with the products and sound quality.’ explained AG Acoustics’ GM, Piyush Arora, handling the project. Having worked for them previously they were very satisfied with the services offered by us he added. ‘The client required a high-quality system to cater primarily for DJs and live applications. Being a nightclub, the emphasis was loud but clear quality sound and with it being attached to five-star hotel, a premium brand image was also to be adhered to. KV2 offered all of this.

The K-Rig system comprised a pair of KT2.0 loudspeakers as tops with two KT2.15 subwoofers and two K-Pak amplifiers at FOH. ‘It is installed at one end of the club right in front of the dance floor,’ noted Mr Arora. ‘The stacks are positioned to the left and right of stage, away from the bar, which is at the other side of the club. At first, we had flown the tops, but later realised after input from the manufacturer that the system works best ground stacked. Hence we ground stacked the tops.’

Completing the installation were two Val Audio Icomm 8CX loudspeakers and a GL1200 amplifier serving as fillers. A DBX DriveRack 260 was also deployed, for signal processing.

Despite the venue having almost entirely reflective surfaces, the system performs fantastically, like any KV2 system does,’ concluded Mr Sood, CEO, AG Acoustics. ‘The system was easy to install in terms of plug and play, straight out of the box. The beauty about KV2 is that as long as you get the basics of the system right, you don’t have to do too much after that. Everything that the system needs is already preset into the amp itself. Hence unlike other systems where you to tune it then download new presets, none of that hassle exists.’

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