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KV2 parties hard at the Rave Jam Music Carnival in Lianjiang, China



Hosted by the Entertainment Times and co-organised by the Longjoin Group – who are also the creators of the event – the Rave Jam Music Carnival is a massive outdoor music festival that combines an eclectic spread of electro, rap and pop music to appeal to a wide audience. The first edition took place in Linjiang’s Cherry Blossom Park over the May Day holiday weekend and welcomed nearly 24,000 festival-goers over the course of the two days. To cover such a vast area, the Longjoin Group provided a front-to-back KV2 Audio system based on the flagship VHD5 Constant Power Point Source system supplemented by smaller VHD systems for sidefill and frontfill, plus a full complement of ES Series DJ monitors and ESM stage monitors.

The festival boasted a stellar line-up of nationally and internationally renowned Chinese and Asian artists including Aryue Zheng Yue, one of the world’s top 100 DJs in 2022, DJ KAKA - the first Chinese top 100 female DJ - plus DJ Tommy, DJ Remis, DJ EDL and many, many more. In addition to the music, festival-goers were treated to a dynamic technology exhibition area, 60 local food stalls and a spectacular fireworks display plus of course state-of-the-art video technology.

The Longjoin Group - an organisation dedicated to the global audio and video industry and to building a world-class integrated platform for musical culture – was determined to provide the best possible audio and video experience for audience members and artists alike. To handle the audio experience for over 10,000 people, they selected KV2’s VHD5 Constant Power point source system that is specially designed for large scale concert sound reinforcement. A L/R system comprising a VHD5.0 mid/hi unit, a VHD8.10 low-mid and an SL412 downfill per side was deployed – all powered by their dedicated power and control units - with the low end being handled by eight super-powerful VHD4.21A (active) subwoofers which also provided power for a further eight VHD4.21P passive subs. Sidefill duties were handled by a pair of VHD2.0 long throw mid-high systems along with six VHD4.18 quad 18-inch subwoofers. A VHD1.0 per side was chosen for frontfill along with four ESD12s. The DJ monitor set comprised two ES1.0 combined with a pair of ES1.8 subwoofers along with an SD8 stage preamp and a COMPEX dynamic harmonics control unit, also from KV2. Finally, the lineup was completed with four ESM12 and two ESM312 stage monitors for the band performers.

It was a privilege to have been involved with such a spectacular, yet well-run event,” says Chief Festival Director Lin Liu. “The audio was absolutely stunning, even right at the back of the listening area – loud, punchy and yet crystal clear, no distortion at all, so even though you’ve spent all night in what is essentially a massive outdoor club, you don’t leave with a headache and your ears ringing. The other amazing thing about KV2 technology is how compact it is for the area it has to cover. It makes setup and breakdown so much easier! We’re already looking forward to the next show.”

Music director Yi Zhen Zhou agrees: “I have participated in many large-scale electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, but this time it left a deep impression on me because the sound effect was the most natural, comfortable, and exciting I have ever heard,” he recalls. “The PA at the Rave Jam Music Fesival sounded very different from other EDM festivals, and it didn’t look like a line array. It was the first time I’d seen a large-scale point source system in operation, and to be honest, the sound it produced has completely overturned my perception of EDM festivals: firstly, I have always believed that only line arrays are possible for EDM festivals; secondly, I have always believed that the festivals I have heard before were pretty much as good as you could get – I now realise this isn’t the case! It is possible to do better, and without line array! I really look forward to seeing and hearing it again at future EDM festivals.


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