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Jerash Festival 2016 with KV2 Audio


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For the 6th year in a row Triad Live Productions have been awarded the task of providing sound for the Jerash Festival. This year’s Festival featured some of the biggest artists in the Arab world to date. The artist roaster featured the likes of Kazim Al Saher, Wael Kfoury, Najwa Karam, Latifa Al Tounsia, Yara, Saad Al Mujarrad, Wael Jassar, among others.

The main theatre, namely the south amphitheatre, featured the largest concerts, as KV2 Audio’s VHD system was deployed with VHD2.0 mains plus VHD1.0 downfills, in addition to 4x VHD 4.18 subwoofers. Also for the upper seating section we used an ES1.0 system. Side fill duties were handled by ES1.0 with ES2.6 subwoofers, and stage monitors were handled by EX12’s.

The north amphitheatre had international folkloric acts from around the world. The sound system installed there was an ES1.0 with ES2.6 subwoofers.


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