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Sub Zero turns up the heat with KV2 Audio



No university experience is complete without the nightlife, and Essex University has it all going on right on campus with their 1200-capacity club, Sub Zero. First installed with one of the original KV2 Double ES systems in 2006, the time had come to upgrade. Although the university started out with the intention of replacing the entire AV package from the ground up, in the end they chose to refurbish and add to the existing equipment to create the effect of a brand new system. All of the new gear, including lights and control, was supplied and installed by Essex-based event, hire, and production specialists, MRL Productions.

Harrison ‘Harry’ Andrews, facilities manager and AV expert (or, in his own words, ‘speaker geek’) at Essex University, is keen to point out that the decision to refurbish and add to their existing equipment was not driven by budgetary concerns, but rather by the simple fact that the alternatives they considered simply weren’t up to the standards he was used to from KV2.

Over the years Sub Zero has played host to a wide variety of acts from resident DJs right up to 14-piece brass bands and our KV2 system has always excelled in its sonic performance. It wasn’t uncommon to receive compliments on the quality of the audio,” recalls Andrews. “However, times change as do musical tastes and the acts available, so consequently we saw much more bass-heavy music being played regularly which the original system wasn’t quite man enough to handle. Along with a tired lighting rig it was decided that investment should be made into a whole new AV package.”

Andrews contacted a number of production companies to see what they could offer as a new system for the space. “The first contender turned out to be all looks and no substance. The guys demonstrating it left a little embarrassed by the shootout between the whole of their system against just half of the original KV2 with the KV2 clearly coming out on top!”

The second demo was from a very well-known manufacturer of club systems, but Andrews felt that although it certainly delivered in terms of volume and bass, the quality just wasn’t the same. “There was no doubt that it had all the muscle we needed, but it was missing the clarity we were so familiar with,” he explained. “At this point we were back to the drawing board discussing line arrays and different point source systems, when finally we were offered a demo of some newer KV2 products including a new version of what we already had. Once Jonathan and Tom from KV2 had come down and performed the demo, it was clear that staying with KV2 would give us everything we wanted.

After discussion with KV2 and MRL productions, it was decided that despite being rather tired after 13 years’ service and much (mis)handling by lots of student ‘technical’ crew, the original system was still in remarkably good condition; rather than consign it to the scrap heap it was sent back to the factory for a complete refurbishment including a sharp new bright yellow paint finish. Several new elements were added to the system which now comprises one ES1.0 3-way, high output mid/hi module, two ES2.6 double 15-inch subs and one VHD2.21 ultra-low frequency sub per side in a L/R configuration either side of the stage plus a further two ES1.0s and two EX12 full range active loudspeakers that are flown. The system is driven by four EPAK2500R amplifiers and two VHD3200 amps for the new VHD double 21” subwoofers, with processing via an NST Audio D48S.

I’m really pleased with what we achieved here,” remarks Andrews. “Firstly, it’s great that the old system has been given a new lease of life – everything was stripped back and painted, and all the drivers were replaced, and frankly it sounds as good as new. We used just one set of ES1.0/ES2.5 (reborn as ES2.6 with new drivers) in the new system – everything else is new equipment - which left us with enough refurbished gear to deploy a single ES system into our smaller nightclub, Base, so that worked out really well.

I really enjoyed meeting the KV2 guys,” he continues. “They’ve been so supportive and helpful over the years, always ready to share their vast knowledge of the systems. It was cool to be able to talk tech with them and not see their eyes glaze over, which is what usually happens when I get on a tech roll! I love the sound of KV2 equipment – I’ve always thought that there isn’t much out there that can touch it, an opinion that was only reinforced by our demos from other manufacturers – and the other point I should mention is that it is incredibly reliable. Any gear that is capable of withstanding student abuse for thirteen years with no major failures deserves a medal. I particularly recall one incident involving an amplifier filled to the brim with soapy water… astonishingly there were no ill after-effects!
Suffice it to say that I’m delighted to know that we’re equipped with KV2 again and will enjoy the benefits of a fantastic system for many years to come.




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