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Jerash Festival 2017


For the seventh year in a row, Triad Live Productions were appointed to provide sound production and reinforcement services for the 2017 Jerash Festival. Following previous successful festivals they chose to tackle the event exclusively with KV2 Audio systems.

The main South Theatre featured an audience capacity of around 7,000 and was covered by one of KV2 Audio's flagship VHD Systems. This system comprised of the VHD2.0 mid/hi with VHD1.0 down-fill enclosure with low frequency reinforcement courtesy of VHD4.18 and VHD2.15 subwoofers. Associated VHD2000 and VHD3200 amplification and control units were used.

ES1.0's were used for out fill and a complete monitor system made up of EX12's was deployed. The smaller North Theatre was covered by an ES System comprising ES1.0 mid/hi's, ES2.6 subwoofers and EPAK2500R amplification and control units.

This year's Festival program featured renowned Arab artists such as Wael Kfouy, Ragheb Alama, Nawal Zoughbi, Nancy Ajram, Fares Karam, Hani Shaker, Omar Abdallat, Diana Karazon and many others.


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