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KOSMOS ZURICH, Switzerland


Thanks to the multi-faceted entertainment complex KOSMOS, the Europa Avenue has become a cultural hub for entertainment and enjoyment in Zurich.

KOSMOS features an event forum with performance stage, a large bistro, six cinemas and auditoriums, a bar/club facing the rail tracks and a book salon with shop and café. The sunny piazza and shady, leafy courtyard also invite you to enjoy the hot days there.

However, KOSMOS is more than the sum of it’s services and offerings. The place combines leisure and business, excitement and relaxation. Spread over 4500 m2 of cultural space, KOSMOS is a contemporary place for city strollers, knowledge seekers, intellectuals and connoisseurs. An outstanding space of urban life, a place for dedicated contemporaries – and a space demanding of an integrated audio system matching it’s overall quality.

The natural choice for which was clearly KV2 Audio, whose versatile and impressive products handle the wide-ranging requirements with ease and excellence.


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